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What code do Aristocrat shares trade under and on which securities exchange are they listed?
Aristocrat Leisure Limited (Aristocrat) is publicly traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), under the code ALL.
When did Aristocrat float on the stock exchange?
Aristocrat listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1996. More details on our history are located here.
How can I check the current or historical share price?
Share price information is available on our website here
How can I buy or sell my Aristocrat shares?

If you wish to trade securities and shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), you will need to contact a licensed stockbroker or online broker to arrange the transaction. Aristocrat does not facilitate share transactions directly.

If you live outside of Australia, you will need to contact a broker who is able to trade on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

If you do not have a broker, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) operates a broker referral service. Please refer to their website or call them on 131 279 (in Australia) or +61 2 9338 0000 (international).

If your securities are CHESS Sponsored (also known as 'broker sponsored') and you are wishing to make a trade on these securities you must contact the sponsoring broker.

How can I transfer my shares to someone I know?

If your securities are CHESS Sponsored (or 'broker sponsored'), you will need to contact your sponsoring broker to arrange a transfer of your shares. 

If your securities are Issuer Sponsored, you will need to complete a transfer form available from, or alternatively visit and login to InvestorServe.

How can I find out more information about my shares?

Aristocrat’s share registry manages all your shareholding details. Visit to access a wide variety of holding information, make changes to your holding record and download forms.

You can access this information via a security login using your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) or Holder Identification Number (HIN) as shown on your Issuer Sponsored/CHESS statements and other personal details such as your postcode.

Alternatively, you can call Boardroom Limited on 1300 737 760 (in Australia), or +61 2 9290 9600 (international) or email

What are Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) and Securityholder Reference Numbers (SRNs)?

Your SRN and/or HIN identifies you as the owner of your shares. Your HIN or SRN appears on your original holding statement as well as other shareholder communications.

Holder Identification Numbers (HINs) identify CHESS Sponsored holdings (also referred to as Broker Sponsored holdings). Securityholder Reference Numbers (SRNs) identify Issuer Sponsored holdings.

Am I a CHESS Sponsored Holder or an Issuer Sponsored Holder?

If you have entered a sponsoring agreement with a broker (or another CHESS sponsor) you are a CHESS Sponsored Holder. This is also referred to as a Broker Sponsored Holder. 

If you are not a CHESS Sponsored Holder, you are an Issuer Sponsored Holder.

Why is it important to keep my personal details up to date?
It is important to ensure that shareholder communications and dividend statements are delivered to you at the correct registered address or email address. Keeping your nominated account details up to date is also essential for receiving your dividend by direct credit.
How do I update my shareholder details?

It is recommended that you securely manage your shareholding online at, where you can update your personal details and access various investor forms.

Personal details include registered address, Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), dividend payment instruction, dividend reinvestment election and communication election.

How can I obtain a copy of Aristocrat’s annual report?

You can view both current and historic annual reports online here. Aristocrat’s Investor Centre has the latest information on Company announcements, presentations and reports, and links to share price and registry information.

Aristocrat encourages digital communication with shareholders in order to minimise paper usage and environmental impact. If you’re unable to access the digital copy of the annual report, please contact Aristocrat’s share registrar, Boardroom or visit

What are the dates and locations for the next Annual General Meetings (AGM)?
When available, the dates and locations of the next AGM will be released to the ASX and published here. Shareholders receive a notice of meeting prior to the AGM.
When are dividends paid?

The Board determines Aristocrat’s interim dividend at the time of its interim results announcement and its final dividend at the time of its full-year results announcement. Refer to our events calendar for an indication of prospective dates.

Information on Aristocrat’s dividends, including when dividends are paid, are set out here.

What is meant by 'cum-dividend', 'record date' and 'ex-dividend', and why is it important?

'Cum-dividend' means that the shares carry the entitlement to the dividend. If shares are purchased while they are 'cum-dividend' the holder is entitled to the recently announced dividend.

'Record date' is the date used to determine the shareholders on the register who are entitled to receive the dividend and the number of shares on which it will be paid. The record date is the date where all changes to registration or banking details must be made for them to apply to the relevant payment.

'Ex-dividend' means that the buyer of shares is not entitled to receive a dividend. Therefore when Aristocrat’s share price is quoted 'ex-dividend', the dividend belongs to the seller, not the buyer. The market price will reflect whether the shares are 'ex' the dividend entitlement.

Does Aristocrat have a dividend policy?

Aristocrat’s historical dividend payments can be accessed here. Aristocrat currently has a discretionary dividend policy, with the Board regularly reviewing the level of dividends paid to shareholders. This policy is taken as part of Aristocrat’s overall capital allocation priorities.

What level of franking are available for dividends?

The level of franking available to Aristocrat’s historical dividend payments are detailed here. The Board continues to assess the level of dividends and franking available to pay to shareholders.

How will my dividends be paid?

Aristocrat has a mandatory direct payment of dividends program for all shareholders. Payments by direct credit will ensure that you receive your dividends in a safe, efficient and secure way. A dividend statement in the form nominated by you (electronic or paper) will be sent to you for your tax records.

Shareholders are asked to complete and submit Direct Credit payment instructions with Aristocrat’s share registrar. For more information, contact Boardroom Limited on 1300 737 760 (in Australia), or +61 2 9290 9600 (international), go online to or email

I haven’t provided my account details, can I still receive my dividend payment?

Shareholders who have not submitted valid Direct Credit payment instructions will receive a notice from Boardroom Limited advising that: i) the relevant dividend amount is being held as direct credit instructions have not been received; ii) the relevant dividend will be credited to the nominated bank account as soon as possible on receipt of direct credit instructions; and iii) no interest is payable on the dividend being withheld.

These notices are sent to shareholders who have not completed and submitted a Direct Credit of Dividends instructions on the record date of the relevant dividend. 

To provide your Direct Credit of Dividends instructions, or to enquire about the receipt of historical dividend payments, contact Boardroom Limited on 1300 737 760 (in Australia), or +61 2 9290 9600 (international), go online to or email

I have not received my last dividend cheque. What should I do?

Aristocrat does not provide cheques for dividend payments. For dividend payment enquiries you should contact Boardroom Limited on 1300 737 760 (in Australia), or +61 2 9290 9600 (international), go online to or email

Can I receive my dividend payment in a different currency?

Aristocrat only has provision to make dividend payments in Australian Dollars (AUD). If you have nominated a non-AUD bank account to receive dividends, your dividend payment will be converted to the currency of your nominated dividend bank account at currency exchange rates applicable at the time of transfer.

Does Aristocrat have a dividend reinvestment plan (DRP)?

Aristocrat's Directors consider whether the Company’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) should operate each time a dividend is declared. The DRP is currently not active.

The DRP Rules and the ‘Dividend Reinvestment Plan Application or Variation Form’ are available from Aristocrat’s share registrar, Boardroom Limited on 1300 737 760 (in Australia), or +61 2 9290 9600 (international), online at or email

Shareholders should note that: (i) Shareholders who elect to participate in the DRP and who do not revoke their elections will automatically participate on the next occasion the DRP is activated; (ii) the fact that the DRP operated in respect of any dividend does not necessarily mean that the DRP will operate in respect of any further dividends (a separate decision is made for each dividend); and (iii) when the DRP does operate, the DRP Rules provide that the number of shares that DRP participants will receive will not be determinable on the Record Date determined by the Board.

Where do I find information regarding tax implications?

Aristocrat does not provide tax advice. Please seek assistance from your accountant, tax or financial adviser.

What records should I keep for tax purposes?

Shareholders should seek their own financial advice, however it’s recommended that shareholders maintain records of purchases and sales. At the time of payment of each dividend payment, Aristocrat will provide payment advice with details that might be helpful.

What is the Aristocrat email alert list and how can I join?

Shareholders and members of the public can subscribe to receive notification of annual reports, notices of meetings, and important company announcements by email by following this link.

Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose nor will it be passed onto any third party. You can unsubscribe if you no longer wish to use this service.

How can I view electronic copies of Aristocrat reports downloaded from the website?

Aristocrat reports are provided in Adobe ® Acrobat ® format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader or Plug-in is required to view this document. These are available free and for more information, visit the Adobe Acrobat download page. If you do not have access to the Adobe Acrobat viewer then a copy of the annual report can be obtained by contacting Boardroom by clicking here.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my shareholding?

For questions about your Aristocrat shares, please contact Aristocrat's share registrar, Boardroom, or go online to the investor portal at Boardroom’s details are:

Share Registry
Boardroom Pty Limited
Level 8, 210 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1300 737 760 (Australia)
Phone: +61 2 9290 9600 (International)
Fax: +61 2 9279 0664
Investor portal:

Thank you for your interest in Aristocrat.